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  • 45 Minute Gentle Flow

    In today's gentle yoga practice, Julie Arce shares with you a 45 minute slow and gentle vinyasa yoga flow routine. This class is perfect if you want to take it easy and slowly warm up and move your body.

    This practice is perfect if you enjoy vinyasa yoga flow sequences, but you're looking to ta...

  • Vinyasa Ignite

    60 Minute VInyasa Ignite Practice. Guided by Julianne Arce

  • Morning Flow

    15 Minute Morning Flow to Start your Day!

    Poses Include:

    Boat Pose
    .... and more!

    Roll out your mat and let's begin.

  • Sunrise Balance Flow

    Balance in yoga improves the function of our equilibrium receptors and helps us form better overall posture.

  • Grounding Flow

    Practicing grounding asanas help you feel more connected to the 🌍 Earth, both physically & 💫spiritually. When you become more grounded you allow yourself to be more authentically in your body and more present in the moment. Grounding yourself brings your awareness inward and allows your body to u...

  • Detoxifying Vinyasa Flow

    Saucha, or purity, one of Yoga’s core ethics can be achieved though detoxification. When we practice yoga we are detoxing our bodies and our minds. It’s important to do this to maintain balance in our lives.

  • Core Ignite

    Don’t have a full hour?! That’s ok! In this 20 minute vinyasa flow I will guide you to your inner strength💪🏻 and ignite 🔥your core, leaving you ready to conquer the day! 😁

  • Vinyasa with Judicael

    Journey through this grounding yet inspiring practice with Judicael.

  • sugarcane peak pose flow

  • Creating Your Reality {Vinyasa}

  • Letting Go Of Perfectionism

    Letting Go Of Perfectionism - Live Stream Replay

    60 Minute Vinyasa Guided by Cat

  • Solar Plexus Chakra

    Flow to Activate the Solar Plexus Chakra with a Core Focused Practice

  • 40 Min Flow

    40 Minute Flow. Twist and Restore

    Hip Openers, Twists, Mermaid

  • Dancers Peak Pose Flow

  • Headstand Peak Pose Flow

  • Flow to Hanumanasana

    Hanumanasana is a full split named for the monkey god, Hanuman. Flow with May to explore monkey pose.

  • Fall Equinox Vinyasa

    As we move through our practice today, invite yourself to enjoy the transitions in the sequence
    just as much as the holding of the pose.

    Be your own witness. 'Watch' your movements and notice the sensations taking place in your

  • The Spaces In Between

  • Grounding Slow Flow.

    This 1 hour class was recorded from a virtual live class. Durning this practice we focus on grounding and connection.

    Listen to your own body’s infinite wisdom during practice, modify poses as you see fit. Grab your mat and a quiet place to start your practice.